The United States has allocated more than $ 7.6 billion in additional funds for the purchase of 129 F-35 fighters

Despite problems with the catapult, fifth-generation F-35 fighters continue to enjoy a huge

popularity in the USA.

What is known

The United States has committed more than $7.6 billion topurchase of 129 aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin. It should be noted that part of the fifth generation fighters will be manufactured outside the United States - in the UK.

Under the contract, the most aircraft will receiveUS Air Force - 49 F-35A fighters. Lockheed Martin will deliver 10 F-35Cs and three F-35Bs to the Marine Corps. 15 fighters will go to the Navy.

Parties to the contract who are not part of theThe US Department of Defense will receive 32 F-35As and four F-35Bs. Finally, another 16 fifth-generation fighters will be sent to foreign customers.

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Recall that the United States due to problems with catapultswere forced to land almost all F-35 aircraft. In Denmark, a malfunction was discovered in two aircraft. But Israel said that all the fighters were successfully tested and returned to their tasks.

It is also worth noting that in July the United States announceda $30 billion contract to buy 375 F-35s. Later it became known that fifth-generation fighters would go to the Czech Republic, Norway and Germany.

Source: The Eurasian Times

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