The United States has published a report on UFOs: all about the recorded cases, their causes and threats

How many unusual phenomena were recorded

The dataset in the report is currently limited to

mainly by US government reports of incidents that occurred between November 2004 and March 2021. Data continues to be collected and analyzed.

In total, in the period from 2004 to 2021, the authoritiesrecorded 144 unidentified air phenomena (UNP). 80 of them - with the help of instruments and sensors. On 11 occasions, US military pilots reported that they were close to colliding with strange aircraft.

Various forms of sensors that registerIOTs tend to work correctly and collect enough real data to make initial assessments, but some unusual data can be attributed to sensor failures.

What are the unusual phenomena associated with?

The limited number of reports on EIE makes it impossible to draw specific conclusions about their anomalous nature.

Of the 144 messages we deal with, we have no clear evidence that there is any extraterrestrial explanation for these phenomena, but we will go where the facts lead us.

Source Reuters

Most of the detected IEPs are probablyphysical objects, given that they have been recorded by several sensors, including radar, infrared radiation, electro-optics, and visual observation.

These observations can be the result of sensor errors or misperceptions and therefore require additional careful analysis.

Experts tried to divide all these episodes into several categories:

  • aerial fauna, such as birds or weather balloons,
  • natural atmospheric phenomena,
  • US government or industrial programs,
  • systems of foreign adversaries,
  • "Other".

UFO threat

Especially when it comes to flight safety, because in conditions of UFO activity, the authorities cannot control the sky. This could lead to collisions or other accidents.

Security concerns primarily concernpilots who work in congested airspace. UFOs also pose a challenge to national security when it comes to enemy intelligence vehicles or their breakthrough technologies.

Report text

The document notes that UFOs are found near military training grounds, where new weapons and equipment are being tested. Most often they are met by military pilots.

Also, unidentified aerial phenomena canpresent a challenge if they are a means of gathering information from adversaries, or if there is evidence that a potentially disruptive or revolutionary technology has been developed by the adversary.

The attitude of the US authorities and intelligence to UFOs

Long time reports of UFO activity, includingnumber on the part of the US military remained a secondary issue. However, following the attention in the White House, discussions at the Pentagon and pressure from some members of Congress, the military will more closely and expeditiously investigate any new cases of unidentified aerial phenomena.

For many years, men and women whowe trust the protection of our country, have reported encountering aerial targets with extraordinary capabilities, and over the years their fears have often been ignored and ridiculed.

Marco Rubio, Deputy Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Republican Senator from Florida

UFOs may also be attributed to sample testingany technique carried out by American companies in the framework of classified programs. In addition, such facilities can be equipment created by Russia, China or another country, as well as non-governmental organizations.

How the US will investigate UFOs

Experts will have to do additional work to accurately understand the nature of unexplained flying phenomena. All this will require even more resources and investments.

Some UFOs remained stationary in the conditionsstrong winds, others generally moved against its direction, maneuvered sharply or accelerated without any visible engines. On rare occasions, military aircraft systems have captured radio frequency energy associated with aerial phenomena.

Report text


The report emphasizes that there is no single explanation for the origin of UFOs.

However, according to the document, it is clear thatsuch objects pose a threat to both air traffic, creating interference in the airspace, and national security, since we can talk about spying on the American military or about the demonstration of new technologies by other states.

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