The United States will return to the use of weapons that are banned almost worldwide

US President Donald Trump lifted the ban on the use of military anti-personnel mines, which was introduced at

Barack Obama. Interestingly, more than 160 countries today have signed an agreement to terminate the operation of such mines. That is, the United States, in fact, will return to the use of weapons, which are banned almost all over the world.

Trump’s decision was announced by Bely’s spokeswomanat home. The President authorized the use of anti-personnel mines outside the Korean Peninsula to guarantee the ability of the US armed forces to withstand any threats. The ban allegedly puts the army at a disadvantage during the conflict.

However, the Pentagon said that they intend to use only anti-personnel mines equipped with a mechanism for self-destruction or self-destruction.

It is worth noting that the ban treatyanti-personnel mines, the so-called Ottawa Treaty, by December 2017, 163 states had ratified. Countries that refused to sign the treaty include China, Russia, the United States, India, Pakistan, and a large number of Middle Eastern states. However, the Barack Obama administration previously still banned the military from using this weapon. However, now these restrictions are no longer valid.