The upcoming Google Pixel 4: new leaks, new details

The fourth generation of Google Pixel has not yet been released, but has already surpassed the previous model, at least in terms of

the amount of insider information and leaks.The latest insider was a whole video showing the future flagship smartphone from the search giant. Two models have already appeared, without waiting for the official debut, two videos - two versions of the Pixel 4. What is shown in these videos leaves an ambiguous impression, it may disappoint some, and please others.

What is known

Earlier leaks showed that on the new flagshipa matrix for a display operating at 90 hertz is used. That is, the smartphone will receive a screen, which is commonly used on gaming devices. Of course, this is not the top version with the Razer Phone, whose screen sports a frequency of 120 hertz, but the OLED matrix can not yet physically offer more than 90 hertz. Of course, the Pixel 4 screen will support Hands-on, which allows you to display up-to-date information on a locked screen, for example, time, date, notifications, weather and so on. The Smooth Display function will automatically switch the screen frequency depending on conditions and activity from a maximum of 90 to normal - 60 hertz. This feature is configurable and can be disabled.

The video shows that the device supports AmbientEQ is a technology for automatically adjusting the color temperature of a display. Sensors analyze lighting. Color tone, and based on the data obtained, color reproduction is adjusted. The video also shows the use of the new version of the application for built-in cameras, including a separate Recorder application.

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Functionality of both versions (regular and XL) in generalidentical, the top version is simply larger, the design of the smartphone is black and white, as in previous generations. However, this is not the style of the panda that was, the surface of the back side will be completely white (of the same color), only the edges and the block with the camera modules will be contrasted. Of course, all these unofficial videos are just an example of how it will actually look in the product version, while it is not known, the software can also change during this time, both in terms of functionality and in terms of interface design. Wait, however, not long in mid-October there will be an official announcement, where we will find out the exact start date for sales.

Better face recognition

Sources posted information about the new systemface recognition - Soli, experts say that what Google will offer Soli has no analogues on the market. The function has been greatly modernized, and reached a level where the need to equip smartphones with a fingerprint scanner simply disappeared. All security rests on the shoulders of the camera and Face Unlock features. Unlocking the smartphone in the face will be so advanced that you don’t even need to take off your glasses for this, not only glasses with transparent glasses, but also with darkened ones. The smart unlock system will use artificial intelligence to prevent third-party unlocking. That is, imperceptibly direct to the face and unlock the smartphone will not work.

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