The US again postponed sanctions against Huawei - for the third time

Today, November 19, a temporary license issued by the US Department of Commerce expires, which allows Huawei

cooperate with American companies. However, the imposition of sanctions was again postponed.

What does it mean

Recall, while Huawei’s fate is still unclear,the US government continues to issue such temporary licenses. This is the third extension in a row, and the next delay will also be valid for 90 days - until February 16.

“The extension of the Provisional General License does notwill have a significant impact on Huawei's business. This decision does not change the fact that Huawei continues to act unfairly, ”a representative of the Chinese company said.

Recall trade negotiations between the US and Chinacontinue, so the fate of Huawei has not yet been decided. However, the government of America promised in the near future to start issuing licenses to companies for cooperation with Huawei.

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