The US and China have agreed, so the iPhone, iPad and MacBook will not rise in price

The governments of the USA and China reached a preliminary trade agreement, due to which the introduction of new

duties are canceled.

What does it mean

From December 15 were supposed to introduce newUS duties on Chinese goods worth $ 160 billion. As a result, Chinese companies that import equipment into America would have to fork out.

This also applies to American companies that collect their gadgets in China, because manufacturing in the Celestial Empire is cheaper.

And here Apple

The new duties would also affect Apple, which, astime collects equipment in China. The company already pays duties on the import of small devices, but the new duties would affect iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets, the MacBook line of laptops, as well as other products.

According to analysts, in this case, the companywould have to either raise prices or incur losses. In the first case, smartphones could rise in price by $ 150, which would lead to a drop in demand in 2020 by 6-8%. Otherwise, earnings per share would decline by about 4%.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly requestedUS President Donald Trump either does not impose duties, or make an exception for the company. We even thought about moving production to other countries.

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