The US Army has shown how it will use HoloLens in combat.

During training, they can also provide data to improve performance, such as

user's gaze and heart rate. Instructors can, for example, teach military personnel how to set targets or clear rooms.

At the same time, the current HoloLens 2 is too big,to work with existing helmets. However, one of the army commanders expects that in the future glasses will be the size of ordinary sun glasses. “Thousands and thousands of soldiers can use technology by 2022 and 2023,” said Army Deputy Minister Ryan McCarthy.

“We did not sign up for the development of weapons”: Microsoft employees opposed the contract with the US Army

Earlier, dozens of Microsoft employees signed a letter in protest against the company's contract for the supply of augmented reality headsets for the US Army, intended for use on the battlefield.

According to the terms of the contract, headsets thatput holographic images in the user's field of view, will be adapted to "increase mortality" by "increasing the ability to detect, make decisions and engage in battle."

“We are a global coalition of workersMicrosoft, and we refuse to create technologies for war and oppression, ”the letter says, which was published on an internal bulletin board and distributed via e-mail to company employees. More than 50 Microsoft employees left their real names under the letter, and another part - anonymously supported the statement.