The US military told why they are not afraid of Russian missiles in Cuba

As it became known, senior US military officials reacted extremely negatively to the fact of deployment on

Cuban territory of Russian air defense systems S-400. At the same time, according to their own words, they, in case of emergency, can intercept and destroy Russian missiles without problems using their own developments.

According to representatives of the US Army, the mainRussian S-400s will pose a threat only for civilian air traffic in Miami and its environs. As for the military airbases that could be threatened by the S-400 in Cuba, they include the Key West Naval Aviation Station and Homestead Air Base. At the same time, both military bases can hardly be called high priority on the US military map.

So, Key West Naval Airfieldin fact, it’s just a training center, as well as one of the points where drug trafficking is being fought. In turn, Homestead airbase simply has too little contingent in Florida to be considered a significant target.