The US Space Force gave NASA permission to launch the Space Launch System rocket on September 27, but now the weather is against

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration still received

permission to launch the Space Launch System rocket, which will mark the launch of the Artemis 1 lunar mission. But the weather may interfere with NASA's plans.

What is known

In the Caribbean, the birth ofstorm. In the event of an increase in wind strength, NASA will be forced to send it to the assembly shop to ensure the safety of the rocket. This will mean that the space agency will have to postpone the launch again.

In early September, due to a leak of liquid hydrogenNASA canceled the launch of the Space Launch System a few hours before launch. A few days later, specialists fixed the problem, on September 23, the United States Space Force allowed the agency to launch on September 27 with a backup date of October 2 (Tuesday and Sunday, respectively). The service extended the validity of the certification that NASA received in the summer.

But now nature has become in the way of the lunar mission.If, due to the impending storm, NASA removes the rocket to the workshop, then the agency will not be able to prepare for launch even on October 2. The decision to send the Space Launch System to the hangar will be made within a few hours.

Image by Ars Technica