The USA will host an unmanned car race. They will be operated by open source software

Ten teams from 21 universities will take part in the event. The prize fund is $ 1 million. The race will take place

at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where unmanned vehicles powered by open source software will compete.

All cars that will take part incompetition, will run on the Robotic Operating System 2 (ROC 2) software platform and use the Autoware software for autonomous vehicles. Both resources are open source products.

According to the organizers of the tournament, their goal is to promote and disseminate technologies for fully autonomous transport.

What's really good about the IAC is morehigh-speed autonomous cars is the prospect that a whole generation of engineers will study and use ROS. Advanced technology does not arise in a vacuum. Students need a common language and a set of tools to work effectively together. Done right, open source technology is driving development, and this year's achievements are likely to be part of future competition and possibly production cars.

Katherine Scott, Open Robotics Representative

In the race, Dallara AV-21 cars are used, each participant will place an individual set of sensors on it, and use their own software for control.

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