The user has burned out Redmi Note 7 Pro, but Xiaomi again refuses to acknowledge the problem

We recently wrote about a case of spontaneous combustion of Redmi Note 7S in India. Now the same story happened

with the Redmi Note 7 Pro smartphone, but already in China.

How was it

Song Yujie, who lives in Zhoukou City, Henan Province, bought a Redmi Note 7 Pro for his father about three months ago.

That day, the man was watching a video on his smartphone.The gadget was lying on a blanket, and its owner at some point fell asleep. But soon he woke up from the smell of burning and saw a burning smartphone. While trying to extinguish it and the blanket, Son's father suffered minor burns.

Judging by the pictures, as a result, Redmi Note 7 Pro burned completely and even fell apart.

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The user says that at the time of the fire, the smartphone was not connected to a charger, and no “heavy” applications were running.

What they say at Xiaomi

Despite the Redmi Note 7's 18-month warrantyPro, the Xiaomi service center refused to replace the smartphone. Employees stated that the fire was not related to the quality of the product, but was caused by external factors.

By the way, in the case of Redmi Note 7S in India, Xiaomi did the same and recognized the fire as a non-warranty event.

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