The Vatican has released electronic rosary with a “smart” cross and the functions of a fitness bracelet

The World Prayer Network of the Pope at a press conference in the Vatican presented a gadget from God for

believers - “smart” rosaries.

What it is

This is a Click to Pray eRosary device, which is a rosary made of ten black agate and hematite beads and a “smart” cross with a built-in chip.

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The developers say that with the help of such a gadget they want to attract young people who understand new technologies to the faith. And the rosary will help them “learn to pray and find the path to faith.”

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What can

The rosary is activated after its ownercrossed himself. And if you swipe the cross on your smartphone, the Click to Pray application will automatically launch. Here you can find audio recordings and texts of prayers and images of a religious nature, as well as track your progress (you only believe in God 30%, go read a few more prayers).

Rosary beads can also be used asfitness bracelet: they track health indicators, the number of calories burned (spiritual food does not count), steps taken, kilometers traveled and other parameters.

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The Click to Pray app is free and available for iOS and Android. The rosary itself costs $110.