The video got a new Russian armored pickup

Military Industrial Company LLC has released a video with a new armored pickup truck "VPK-Ural".


published on the official page of "VPK" inFacebook. Several facts about the armored car were listed under the video. It is reported that the 4x4 car can serve as a platform for many other vehicles. You can, for example, make a command and staff vehicle. The "VPK-Ural" can be equipped with communication and electronic warfare equipment.

It is noted that the armored car is quite inexpensive, since it uses already proven mass-produced components and assemblies.

Vehicle length is 6500 mm, width -2550 mm, height - 2800 mm. The machine weighs 14,500 kg. It is also known that the vehicle has enhanced mine protection. The diesel engine has a power of 360 hp.

Source: Facebook