The video showed tests of a new knife "Igla" for underwater combat

Russia is testing a universal combat knife "Igla" for special forces of the Naval

fleet (Navy). Zvezda TV channel showed these tests on video.

During the tests, the knife was held alternately incold and hot chambers: the temperature there reached -50 ° C and + 50 ° C degrees, respectively. They also tried to bend the Igloo by hanging several tens of kilograms of cargo on the knife. The knife should be able to withstand 100 kilograms, but during the tests they added another 50 kilograms on top. Also, the host of the "Military Acceptance" program got on the product, adding 75 kilograms to the weight. The knife did not bend. After the tests, he also easily entered a centimeter into a wooden block.

It was already noted above that “The knife is suitable for conducting underwater combat with the enemy. He also has a ruler, a serrated saw and a double-sided knife sharpening.

Source: TV Channel "Zvezda"