The work of the first drone on Mars has been extended. He will photograph the planet

NASA decided to extend the mission of the Ingenuity helicopter, as the device is in good technical condition.

In addition, the results of the drone's work help to explore Mars faster than just based on rover data.

The last, 13th flight of Ingenuity, was on September 4: then the drone climbed to a height of 8 m and flew a total of 210 m in 161 seconds.

The purpose of this flight was to investigate the South Seita region in detail: as a result, the drone took ten color images of rocks and boulders, which they later plan to investigate pointwise.

According to NASA data as of early September 2021, the droneI worked for almost six months: I flew almost 3 km during this time and stayed in the air for about 25 minutes. Therefore, the heads of the mission decided to extend its work for an indefinite period - earlier flights were planned only until the end of August.

To read more about how the first drone on Mars, Ingenuity, turned out to be so effective and what it will study next, follow the link.

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