The "working" ant from the "king" is distinguished by only one gene

The network has information about the amazing discovery of a group of scientists. They managed to find out that the only

a protein called Kr-h1 is capable of real hierarchical climbing in ants.

It turned out that the result of social conflicts in ants of the species Harpegnathos saltator is able to "switch" them from worker to royal status.

And it is the Kr-h1 protein that keeps insects in the framework of the role that corresponds to them.

This protein regulates various genes in workers andgamers and prevents ants from engaging in "socially unacceptable" behavior <...> In other words, Kr-h1 is needed to maintain boundaries between social castes and to ensure that workers continue to work while past game gates continue to act like queens.

Study authors

A fresh discovery is important primarily becausethat it allows science to understand how important socially regulated hormones and gene regulation play in the ability of animal brains to switch from one genetic regime and social caste to another.

Source: Popular Mechanics