The world's first electric short-haul aircraft Alice takes to the air for the first time

Eviation Aircraft has tested the Alice electric aircraft. This is the first aircraft powered by an electric motor,

designed for short haul flights.

What is known

Passenger small-seat model Alice in the framethe test was able to stay in the air for 8 minutes. According to the manufacturer, the tests were carried out in the normal mode, and the goal was to check the reliability of the systems during the flight.

Alice is equipped with two electric motorsand batteries, the total mass of which is more than 3600 kg. In flight, the aircraft was able to develop a speed of about 270 km / h. One of the main tasks for the company now is to reduce the weight of batteries while increasing energy intensity.

Eviation Aircraft also needs to be certifiedand reduce the cost of the aircraft to the level at which Alice will be in demand from customers. The company has several years to do all this. Alice deliveries are scheduled for 2027. It is expected that the commercial version of the electric aircraft will be able to carry up to nine passengers over a distance of 270-460 km, and the flight time will be increased to two hours.