The world's first MediaTek processor with integrated 5G Helio M70

A week ago, the Chinese Ministry of Industry issued licenses to local operators to operate in modern networks of the fifth

generation (5G).Three major mobile operators and one television broadcaster received a license. The issuance of a license opens a new era, the era of deploying not experimental networks, but commercial ones. This means that in the near future a stable cellular network of the latest generation will appear in the Middle Kingdom, and all residents of China will be able to receive 5G service.

5G will boost smartphone construction

The 5G Smartphone Industry Winsalmost more than the whole telecommunications industry. The fact is that last year the mobile device market got a little cold, because there are no breakthrough technologies yet, and it makes no sense for users to change their smartphones with new ones tomorrow. And here is a real breakthrough, a real innovation, which many people will want to have on their smartphone. This is where manufacturers will arrive - new production downloads, new models of smartphones, new services in the light of greatly increased internet connection speeds. A lot of things await consumers interesting after the deployment of commercial 5G networks.

SoC 5G benefits

Now 5G chips produce Qualcomm, Huawei, itsSamsung and Intel have a modem, Spreadtrum has progress, and now MediaTek. At the same time, the design of the MediaTek, even in terms of energy efficiency, seriously exceeds the options with a separate 5G modem. Smartphones will warm up less and hold batteries longer. In addition, the design with a separate (external) modem sensitively increases the cost of production of smartphones, which puts the budget segment in a very uncomfortable position. That is, there is a smartphone, though not a premium design, materials and performance, but the basic technologies should be there.

At a recent MediaTek eventjournalists asked the company representatives: why the company is lagging behind its competitors in the development of the 5G chip. The head of MediaTek replied that individual modems should be made by others, but we are the first company in the world to create a fully self-sufficient 5G system on a single chip. In general, while competitors developed external chips, MediaTek created the system all in one at once.

Once again, we note that this approach isthe most energy efficient, external modems lose very seriously here. Helio M70 is designed for 5G networks and can provide a connection speed of about 4.7 gigabits per second, and the speed of downloading data to the Internet 2.5 gigabits per second. Such speeds now in the consumer market simply do not exist. At the same time, backward compatibility with earlier network standards up to 2G is maintained. Samples of processors will soon begin shipping to partners for the preparation of mass production of smartphones based on the new chipset. By the beginning of next year, the first smartphones and tablets based on the new 5G processor will be released.


The new processor from MediaTek first in the world receivedCortex-A77, as well as the Mali-G77 graphics processor. Their company ARM announced quite recently, stating that core performance increased by 20 percent with previous flagships, and the graphics processor received the next-generation architecture of Valhall. As a result of the new architecture, the performance of the graphics chip jumped 40 percent. At the same time, the central processor improved the work in the AI ​​systems (machine learning) 35 times, and when using the GPU, the performance in AI tasks increased by almost 65 percent.

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