The world's largest hybrid ship will soon be launched

Brittany Ferries has announced the arrival of the world's largest hybrid ship Saint-Malo in 2024. Nearly

The 200-meter vessel is equipped with a battery with a capacity of11.5 MWh. This is twice as much as is typically used for marine hybrid propulsion. It will replace one of the firm's older models on the route from Saint-Malo, France to Portsmouth, England.

Saint-Malo will integrate several systems,which optimize real-time energy consumption while sailing to improve the efficiency of the vessel. It will also be equipped with features that will make it sustainable.

Brittany Ferries said the ship will startwork in 2024. Shortly thereafter, a second hybrid vessel will join the fleet, sailing between Portsmouth and Caen. In the future, there will be three hybrid ships using the hybrid technology of the Finnish company Wartsila.

The idea behind hybrid ships is that they can run on liquefied natural gas (fossil fuel), batteries, or a combination of the two.

“The large size of the battery will allow ships to operateat full power, using both propellers and all thrusters to maneuver without emissions into and out of ports, even in bad weather,” said Hakan Agnevall, CEO of Wartsila.

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