The world's largest solar power plant with a capacity of 1.18 GW has opened in the UAE

The Noor Abu Dhabi power station is supposed to provide electricity to 90 thousand residents of the UAE’s capital and allow

reduce carbon emissions by 1 million metric tons per year. According to the authors of the project, this is equivalent to emissions of 200 thousand cars over the same period.

The authorities of the country note that in the future they plan to reduce oil production in order to balance the market and emissions. However, the country's economy is still highly dependent on hydrocarbons, the newspaper notes.

Earlier it was reported that in 2020 a solar park of 3 GW will appear in South Korea. In total, the country's authorities intend to build 30.8 GW of solar power plants by 2030.

Recently, the Danish company Ørsted launched in 19 kmfrom the coast of the UK and Ireland, the world's largest floating wind power plant. The total area of ​​the station Walney Extension is approximately 145 square meters. km - about 20 thousand football fields. There are 87 wind turbines with a height of 188 m and a capacity of about 659 MW. This will provide electricity to almost 600 thousand British homes.

Also the executive director of the Internationalenergy agency (IEA) Fatih Birol at the Global Summit, said that, according to research, wind energy will become the dominant energy source in Europe by 2027.