There are 2 billion active Apple devices in the world, but there is also bad news

Apple released its quarterly report as of December 31, 2022, which marked the achievement

impressive result - 2 billion activedevices around the world. In addition, Cupertino-based shareholders can enjoy record digital services revenues of $20.8 billion (up 6% year-over-year), so the forward-thinking strategy is working, and working well.

However, there are also negative sides to this report.So, the proceeds from the sale of equipment directly fell everywhere except ... iPad! Yes, Apple tablets in the fourth quarter of last year brought in as much as 28% more than in the same period in 2021 (now 9.396 billion). iPhone brought in 8% less revenue ($65.775 billion), Mac - 28% ($7.735 billion), and wearable accessories and other electronics - 6% ($13.482 billion). The fall is observed in all regions of the world, what this is connected with is not specified. Unfortunately, Apple has not published iPhone sales figures in pieces for a long time, so we will have to get this information from alternative sources.

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