There are two AI-based avatars that can keep the conversation going

Fable Studio has unveiled two AI-powered digital avatars that mimic real conversations.

The startup engineers named them Charlie and Beck -the researchers say they have the same conversations as ordinary people. The company is counting on their characters to be commercially successful in the marketplace as people seek entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fable Studio started its activityas a virtual reality (VR) entertainment startup, and even won an Emmy for the Wolves in the Walls project. However, the company has now gone beyond virtual reality and focused on AI-powered creatures.

You can test avatars on the company's website.Characters work using tagging technology, an AI-powered tool that brings characters to life through visual effects, dialogue, voice and animation.

Algorithm based on human errors will help in AI training

Users will be able to have full conversations withBeck and Charlie. Especially for this, Fable Studio trained models based on written and transcribed dialogues with people, and the model also listened to thousands of ordinary people's conversations on the phone. The GPT3 system works inside the model - a language model that continuously teaches the model the correct answers and thematic dialogues.

“During development, we thought thateach person has their own masks as they enter adulthood. They all have a professional personality, family and image for friends. In this case, the models have only a social “I”, ”the scientists noted.

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