There has been a measles outbreak in the Philippines. 136 people died

Measles is transmitted by airborne droplets - a person can become infected by contact with a sick person, who

lasts only a few seconds. In order to prevent infection with this potentially fatal disease, only two vaccinations are sufficient.

However, it is only possible to completely defeat measles.if 95% of the world's population is vaccinated. In the past ten years, this figure did not exceed 85% due to the lack of funds for vaccines and the inaccessibility of medical care for residents of some countries.

However, problems exist not only in countriesOf Africa. According to WHO, in 2017, outbreaks of measles occurred in five of the six regions. Including in North and South America, Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Only in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, in January, the numbermeasles cases increased by 1,000%. After the country's Ministry of Health announced an outbreak of measles and a high mortality rate, the number of vaccinated children increased from 130 to 450 thousand in just a week.

The number of measles cases is increasing in Russia and the CIS. According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, in 2018, the number of cases increased three times compared with the figures for 2017 - up to 2,538 cases of measles. Statistics for 2019 has not yet been published, but in February, some departments of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow were quarantined because of the high risk of measles.

In Ukraine, an outbreak of measles is observed: more than 3 thousand people fell ill last week, most of them children. In 2018, 21,355 people fell ill in the country, 18 of them died.