There is a game that teaches children the blockchain

The fintech industry predicts that digital currency will replace paper money by 2030. Only

in 2019 the need to find developersblockchain has grown fivefold. However, not everyone is familiar with the technology. To address this social problem, UTSA scientists have developed a new game. With the help of it, children can figure out what blockchain and cryptocurrency are.

Photo: UTSA

Murtuza Jadlivala, Associate Professor of the Department of InformaticsUTSA is one of the authors of the development of the innovative board game CryptoMiner will teach younger students how the blockchain works and how cryptocurrency works in general.

Children are known to respond well to play.Therefore, we designed this game in such a way that it can be used as an additional educational tool for understanding blockchains and cryptocurrencies while having fun.

Murtuza Jadlivala, Associate Professor, Department of Informatics, UTSA

CryptoMiner is a card / board game, itsimulates how blocks of transactions are added to the blockchain by miners in a real cryptocurrency network. The board game approach makes the study of cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone, regardless of age, experience and knowledge of technology.

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