There is a new optical switch. It is a thousand times faster than analogs

The authors of the new work have created a switch that works at room temperature, so it does not

large cooling equipment is required.In addition, it can be a connecting component between devices and transmit data between them in the form of optical signals, as well as increase the intensity of the input signal up to 23 thousand times.

The switch operates with two lasers toset your state to "0" or "1" and toggles between them. In practice, it works like this: a very weak reference laser beam is used to turn on or off another, brighter laser beam.

The new device is extremely energy efficientdue to the fact that only a few photons are required to switch it. In fact, in Skoltech laboratories we have achieved switching even with one photon at room temperature.

Anton Zasedatelev, first author

To reduce power consumption, the developersused vibrations of molecules of a semiconducting polymer: they matched the energy of the pumping particles and the energy of the particles in the condensate using molecular vibrations in the polymer inside the resonator.

They were also able to calculate the most effective laser wavelength and implement a new measurement scheme: in this way, the state of the condensate can be recorded in each individual implementation.

We have to work to reduce the overallpower consumption of a device currently dominated by a pump laser keeping the switch active. One of the promising ways to achieve this goal may be perovskite supercrystalline materials, such as those that we are studying with colleagues. They are excellent for this task, since they provide a strong interaction of light with matter and, as a result, a powerful collective quantum response in the form of superradiance.

Research text

As a result, the authors noted that such developmentsbring the scientific community closer to the appearance of optical computers: they will use photons for their work, not electrons. So the speed and performance will increase significantly.

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