There was a Wi-Fi-column in the form of a picture

IKEA has partnered with Sonos to unveil the SYMFONISK Wi-Fi framed speaker. It looks like a black or white frame with

a work of art. However, in reality, the canvas masks a large speaker that can be hung on the wall.

The column comes with a replaceable frontgrille, which is available in black and white design. Behind it is a mid-low-frequency speaker (however, the company has not yet provided additional information on the speaker technology). In the basic version, the speaker comes with one front grille, but IKEA also sells two additional options that can be purchased separately.

IKEA presented several design solutions inthis column. For example, users can hang it on a wall, but it also has legs that fold back so the device can be placed on furniture or leaned against a wall. These feet are for added stability and to reduce vibration and bass. The power cord can be brought out to the left or right side of the speaker, and on a special ledge there are buttons for play and pause, volume up and down.

Otherwise, this column works the same asany other Sonos device. This means customers can pair the frame with other Sonos or IKEA speakers in other rooms, use the Sonos app to launch dozens of music streaming services, or stream audio to the frame using AirPlay 2 or Spotify Connect.

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