There was an application that prevents AI from creating art and stealing the style of artists

According to many artists, the AI ​​that creates images is theft in its purest form. To

generate content, algorithm throughout the networkcollects, analyzes and reworks the styles and methods of artists that may have taken years to develop. American engineers figured out how to deal with this.

Employees of the University of Chicago created their owna sort of temporary solution for digital artists is the Glaze app. It allows artists to make subtle changes to their work before uploading it for viewing on the web, where it is available not only to viewers but also to builders of AI training repositories. In simple words, the app applies a “mask” layer to the art, specifically designed to destroy attempts to imitate artificial intelligence.

Barely visible to the human eye, these modificationsdeceive the ability of artificial intelligence tools to find patterns. They make subtle changes to the arrangement of pixels in each image to fool the AI. As a result, the algorithm “thinks” that the style of the new artist is very close to the already established style of other authors. If someone asks the AI ​​to create something in the style of a new artist, it will come up with something more like Van Gogh, or at worst a hybrid of old and new styles. This is how the tool prevents style theft.

An example of how Glaze works. Photo: University of Chicago

However, the Glaze development team emphasizes thatthat this technique is a temporary solution. “Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly and systems like Glaze face an inherent challenge of the future. Our methods will overcome the countermeasures of the future, which will make previously protected works of art vulnerable, ”the project’s website says.

Skeptics complain that such a toolcan confuse algorithms and make AI image generators worse for everyone. Others remember Picasso saying, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal." But not everyone agrees with this opinion, considering thieves not true creators, but mediocrities.

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