ThereCraft introduced a drone for non-stop cargo delivery

Now most of the existing delivery drones have a low flight speed and can deliver

cargo over relatively short distances. In such circumstances, the urgent delivery of medicines or donor organs using commercial unmanned vehicles over a long distance becomes a problem - it is easier for logistics companies to use conventional aviation.

ThereCraft proposed a solution to this problem: Aircraft-type drone created by the company can fly over long distances and at a higher speed than existing delivery drones.

The prototype of the drone called YCS17 is made according to the “flying wing” scheme. Inside the drone is a compartment for transporting goods, and in the lower part there is a compartment for quick loading or unloading.

According to the project, the device in front of the end pointDelivery makes a dive, dropping the cargo, and then abruptly rises into the air and returns to the starting point. Other development details were not disclosed.

Earlier engineers taught drones play a bouncer. The new drone control system allows them to react so quickly that they catch and throw the ball.