These Android apps can steal your money

Security researchers at Trend Micro have found that there is a growing number of applications containing malware,

designed to collect banking information of users. This data includes PIN codes and passwords. Discuss

In a new report, experts said that this year, attackers secretly added an increasing number of banking Trojans to the Google Play Store. They contained, for example, such applications:

And here is the list of dangerous applications:

  • Call Recorder APK (com.caduta.aisevsk)
  • Rooster VPN (com.vpntool.androidweb)
  • Super Cleaner - hyper & smart (com.j2ca.callrecorder)
  • Document Scanner - PDF Creator (com.codeword.docscann)
  • Universal Saver Pro (com.virtualapps.universalsaver)
  • Eagle photo editor (com.techmediapro.photoediting)
  • Call recorder pro+ (com.chestudio.callrecorder)
  • Extra Cleaner (com.casualplay.leadbro)
  • Crypto Utils (com.utilsmycrypto.mainer)
  • FixCleaner (com.cleaner.fixgate)
  • Just In: Video Motion (com.olivia.openpuremind)
  • com.myunique.sequencestore
  • com.flowmysequto.yamer
  • com.qaz.universalsaver
  • Lucky Cleaner (com.luckyg.cleaner)
  • Simpli Cleaner (com.scando.qukscanner)
  • Unicc QR Scanner (com.qrdscannerratedx)

Google has removed these apps from their store, but they may have remained on your smartphone, so it's worth checking.