ThinkTiny: a tiny laptop with a 1-inch display

Nowadays you can find many compact laptops with screens up to 7 inches in size. But enthusiast Paul Klinger

went even further and created a 1-inch working laptop.

"Son" Lenovo ThinkPad

During the creation of ThinkTiny with 0.96-in.Paul's display was inspired by the design of Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. While it's not exactly a full-fledged computer—it only has a trackpad—it can be used to play simple games like Snake, Tetris, and Lunar Lander.

The device body is printed on a 3D printer, inIt has a built-in 128×64 pixel OLED display, an ATtiny1614 microcontroller and a 300 mAh battery, which is charged via Micro-USB. Even though the pieces were already quite small, Klinger still made some adjustments to make sure everything would fit. For example, the OLED display board was too big, so the top part had to be cut off.

The GitHub page even contains step-by-step instructions for creating a laptop, so anyone can assemble such a tiny thing.