This awkward moment when the first ZTE Axon 20 5G sub-screen camera turned out to be worse than ever

In September last year, ZTE introduced the Axon 20 5G smartphone, which became the world's first gadget.

with a sub-screen front camera. But how does such a camera shoot? DxOMark experts finally got to the smartphone and evaluated the capabilities of such a camera.

Spoiler alert: everything is bad

It looks like the technology is still raw, because it removesthe subscreen front camera is very bad. As a result of testing, she found only two pluses - in general, a stable exposure of photographs and a stable focus.

But there are more than enough minuses.These are visible color shades and color shades; unnatural skin tones; loud noise in photos and videos; limited dynamic range of photos and videos; hue shift artifacts, highlights and color fringing in photographs; frequent mistakes in assessing the depth of a portrait; low detail in portrait mode; strong optical ghosting in the video; shading and quantizing color in video; ineffective stabilization, residual motion when stationary; low light video encoding artifacts.

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As a result, the ZTE Axon 20 5G has only 26 points, while most modern smartphones have about 100 points and above.

In the overall DxOMark ranking, this is the second place, but from the end. Fortunately, there is a worse model - the Intex Aqua Selfie with 22 points.

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