This has not happened: the Vivo NEX 2 smartphone is credited with a removable camera with magnets

Last year, Vivo introduced the Vivo NEX smartphone, which was one of the first to receive a retractable

front camera. Now, according to rumors, its successor Vivo NEX 2 with the same unusual design is being prepared for release.

What came up

According to unofficial information, the smartphone maybe a removable main camera in the form of a square, like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It will be attached to the case using magnets, so you can “stick” it anywhere. As a result, like the Asus ZenFone 6, the camera acts as both the main and the front.

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When the camera is removed from the body - automaticallyshooting starts. According to rumors, a battery will be installed inside, which will ensure independent operation of the camera outside the smartphone body. It will charge wirelessly when the camera is in place.

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Of course, these are just rumors for now, but given Vivo’s love for experiments, anything can happen. In any case, company representatives promise that the official release of Vivo NEX 2 will take place very soon.