This has not happened: the Vivo NEX 2 smartphone is credited with a removable camera with magnets

Last year, Vivo introduced the Vivo NEX smartphone, one of the first to receive a retractable

front camera. Now, according to rumors, his successor Vivo NEX 2 with the same unusual design is preparing for release.

What came up

According to unofficial information, the smartphone canbe a removable main camera in the form of a square, like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It will be attached to the body with magnets, so you can “glue” it to any place. As a result, like in Asus ZenFone 6, the camera acts as a main and front one.

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When the camera is removed from the body - automaticallyshooting starts. According to rumors, inside install the battery, which will ensure the independent operation of the camera outside the body of the smartphone. It will be charged wirelessly when the camera is in place.

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Of course, for now this is only a rumor, but given the love of Vivo for experiments, everything can be. In any case, representatives of the company promise that the official release of Vivo NEX 2 will take place very soon.