This is not a marriage: Galaxy S10's fingerprint scanners do not work well, but Samsung promises to fix it.

Users of the flagship Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ began to complain about the operation of the fingerprint scanners. At Samsung

promptly responded to these complaints and promised to “fix” the sensors.

What happened

First, a little history:The two older models in the line have under-screen fingerprint scanners (Galaxy S10e is standard). Even before the official announcement, Samsung said that smartphones will be sold with a special protective film that will protect the screen from scratches, but will not interfere with the operation of the scanner.

But in reality everything turned out differently:fingerprint sensors do not work as well as we would like. Users have to press their finger several times to unlock or press quite hard on the display. Protective glass further degrades sensor performance.

In this case, without a protective film, the scanner works much better.

What to do

Samsung assures that this is not a defect and will solveThe problem can be resolved with the help of a software update, and not in a service center. In the near future, the company promises to release an update that will improve the performance of the scanner. By the way, the first update for the Galaxy S10 also concerned the fingerprint scanner.

Let us remind you that users also have complaints about Face Unlock. You can unlock a smartphone using a photo of the owner, even from the screen of another device.