This is the best low-cost smartphone in terms of autonomy. In a slim body and with a normal camera

Competition and new smartphone makers are not there to make you sick of the number of options.

for choice, but for the sake of such unique models astoday we have. Here we have 7000 mAh (and the corresponding mind-blowing autonomy) in a smartphone with a standard moderate thickness of the case, quality characteristics on all fronts and a price similar to budget mobile phones shipped from China. Get ready, it's going to be delicious.

Table of contents

  • What does TECNO POVA 3 look like?
  • Specifications
  • Screen
  • Performance
  • Autonomy
  • Camera
  • HiOS 8.6 on Android 12
  • As a result

Big numbers in smartphones flicker, for some reason,not in the characteristics in which we would like. If 200 megapixels will soon start to fuss in cameras (raise your hand, who lacked 108 megapixels or even 50 megapixels?), then standard 5000 mAh are considered joy in batteries today, and in some cases marketers “bite off” the capacity up to 4200-4500 mAh . At the same time, processors are growing in power and gluttony, and displays - well, you understand, are not getting smaller either. As a result, sometimes smartphones with 5000 mAh turn out to be hardy, but more often than not, the gain is near zero - just instead of compact models from the past with a 5.2-5.5" display and 3500 mAh, you walk around with large smartphones with a diagonal of 6.5-6.9" and 5000 mAh.

Where did the "heavy artillery" go?long-lived smartphones of modern dimensions? Well, for a while, inexpensive smartphones with 6000 mAh and 7000 mAh were produced by Koreans, and then they stopped saying “yes, they will buy without it”, removed the old long-lived models from the assembly line and saved large batteries for future “innovations” when Chinese competitors leave no choice at all.

And Chinese competitors ... yes, they produce smartphones with giant batteries, only these are protected models with rubber seals and are as thick as sneakers.

And now we have a TECNO POVA 3 smartphone in our hands, inwhich you will never suspect a full-fledged 7000 mAh (it is so thin), and indeed, everything here is in the latest fashion: from a display with an increased frequency to fast charging and a modern MediaTek processor. Or is it the only smartphone in nature for those who care about very cool autonomy in normal dimensions, or ... is something wrong with it? Why is he so alone in nature? Today we will figure it out.

If you are suddenly too lazy to read everything in detail:


Well, the condensed conclusions - all of a sudden, in the paragraph "Conclusions" below in the text.

Looking ahead a little, the processor here is MediaTekHelio G88. It’s clear that it’s not a flagship, but just imagine how much you can play with it at 7000 mAh! Pocket game consoles never dreamed of such autonomy!

Therefore, from my belfry, the appearance of TECNO POVA 3 in places resembles gaming smartphones. Next to the gaming laptop will look appropriate. But for those who buy smartphones only in black (you have no idea how many such people), suchthe appearance of the mobile phone may not “go in”. Well, that is, it is difficult for me to imagine him in the hand of a respectable head of the family. Although, maybe these are just my stereotypes and everyone will like a smartphone in a light case with “racing” body contours.

What does TECNO POVA 3 look like?

As it always happens now, the most interesting -on the back. Designers did not make glass out of plastic or parody a metal case with it. Instead of mimicking other materials, the smartphone honestly states: “I’m plastic, but cool!” As a person whose palm sometimes stuck to aluminum smartphones in winter, and glass cracked into a “spider web” sooner or later after falling, I approve of an honest durable plastic alloy more than all other options.

A speaker runs vertically in the centera strip of gloss with diagonal strokes (and the inscription “panther engine” flaunts there), in the places of grip, some kind of waist is drawn in stripes, three cameras and a flash are planted flush with the body without additional platforms. It looks very cool, and I don't remember anyone else having it. So you will never confuse your smartphone with someone else's.

By the way, fans of black smartphones also decideddo not offend: a choice of black, silver and blue options. And, of course, the first two colors are classic, but with such a relief and case materials, the smartphone will still look unusual.

Everything is easier up front.Well, what did you want - in an era of almost complete framelessness, nothing unusual can be slapped onto the front of a mobile phone. The front camera at POVA 3 is planted in a round eye at the top in the middle of the screen. Someone likes to see it in the corner, someone has central symmetry, but the main thing is not the outdated teardrop-shaped neckline.

The frames around the perimeter, by the way, are not very small.But, take any smartphone with an IPS display - they will be about the same even in expensive models, because of the technological features. At the same time, I would not say that ergonomics suffer because of the width of the frames. Well, in general, taking into account the diagonal and how much display you have in front of your eyes, the smartphone is quite convenient in everyday use. At least when it comes to the male hand.

Lateral and upper/lower edges are figured, withdecorative ledges. On the right side there is a power button with a built-in fingerprint scanner, on the left side there is a SIM card and microSD tray. At the bottom there is a Type-C charging port, a wired headphone jack and a main speaker, on the top edge there is a second speaker. Yes, this smartphone has stereo sound, which in a super-hardy model with a large screen practically means “pocket cinema”, and in general is rarely found in smartphones at this price. The sound quality from the speakers is not audiophile, but not bad (well, that is, quite normal for games and YouTube) with a very decent volume margin.


TECNO POVA 3Operating systemAndroid 12, HiOS8.6 Screen 6.9 inches, IPS, 1080 x 2460 pixels (389 ppi) 20:9, 90 Hz 5 GB Storage 128 GB + MicroSD CommunicationLTE, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac), Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NFC Cameras Primary triple 50 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP video quality: up to [email protected] FPS Front: 8 MPBattery 7000 mAh, charging 25 W Dimensions 173.1 x 78.5 x 9.4 mm Weight 230 g Current price VIEW


Smiling fact:Now writing this article, I remember that ten years ago, 7-inch tablets were considered large devices. Well, here I have a mobile phone with a 6.9-inch display in my hands, and-and-and ... its dimensions are not so terrible, as your imagination draws to you now. Yes, this is one of the largest smartphones now, usually such large screens in flagship smartphones worth 100+ thousand rubles. But at the same time, it fits in your pocket normally, and when used with one hand, it does not force your fingers to sign up for yoga. Unless you try to choose a thin case so as not to increase the dimensions even more.

TECNO POVA 3Max brightness level467cd/m2 Contrast ratio (higher = better) 1400:1 Color gamut (sRGB) (90-100% ideal) 99% DeltaE (less = better) 6.9 Gamma (ideal 2.2) 2.3 Color temperature (ideal = 6500K) 9000K

So, with the size decided.Large, convenient for games, watching videos and other entertainment. Yes, and sometimes you can work on it, if somewhere along the way you urgently need to check a sign or subtract a document from the mail. The screen resolution is FullHD + or 1080×2460 pixels, which gives a density of approximately 389 ppi. A high refresh rate of 90 Hz is supported, with the ability to force it on, off, or give it to automation.

This is not the coolest IPS display of all time andpeoples, but it is about the same as in other smartphones at a similar price. Personally, I would tweak the white balance towards warmer shades, otherwise there is a stylization ... well, you know, when the picture gives off blue and goes beyond the values ​​\u200b\u200bof 9000K available to our colorimeter. Most likely, this is not a factory calibration problem, but a deliberate decision by the manufacturer (and we have seen this trick more than once) when a bluer screen appears brighter. Hence the decent level of 467 cd / m2 with manual adjustment. But… you know what that means in practice, right? If not to the end, then look at the photo:

Different color temperature - this is

Cold, neutral and warm colorstemperature as it will appear on the screen. At the same time, if we are talking about the POVA 3 display, the images on it will not be as cyanotic as in the picture on the left and will be closer to the one in the center, but not 100%. Well, without this comparison, would you be able to say for sure which photo is “correct”? That's it!


The processor of TECNO POVA 3, as you have already seen inlabel, MediaTek Helio G88. In the hierarchy, among inexpensive smartphones, it is above the level of “quite firewood, barely tossing” (MediaTek Helio P22, G22, Snapdragon 625, Unisoc SC9863A), but almost falls short of the level of “almost middle class” (Helio G96, Snapdragon 680). That is, in terms of performance, it is at the level of a normal high-quality inexpensive smartphone, nothing more.

It's nice that everything is in order with the memory:6 GB RAM, 128 GB storage. From the latter, by the way, it’s powerful to “pin off” 5 GB of virtual memory in favor of RAM and get a total volume of up to 11 gigs. A good start for the future so that VK, Telegram and others do not “fall out” of memory and do not stop receiving messages if you launch something big besides them.


By games - at medium settings you can playalmost everything, at low levels - anything at all (although it is better to set averages). In principle, the smartphone will also pull games with a release in the foreseeable future, for example, I would bet on a new game from the creators of Genshin Impact that is about to be launched.

And in general, games on smartphones are not sodemanding on hardware, as on computers - you can play. Well, then there’s also 7000 mAh and an economical (12 nm) percent, so it’s you who will get tired in any marathon, and not the smartphone will run out of power.

Another bonus is a pleasant vibro in games.There is a four-axis linear drive here, so the vibration is more like in console gamepads, and not in ordinary mobile phones, which vibrate not for games, but simply to indicate messages.


Right now you are looking at the table like this and:“Well, what is it? How did a smartphone with 7000 mAh manage to give way to a smartphone with 5000 mAh?!”. You know, it happens. And smartphone geeks who dig deep into specs understand why.

It won't surprise you that some supercar haswith a 10-cylinder + electric hybrid, will the gas mileage be lower than that of an inexpensive, fast car that runs only on gasoline? So expensive smartphones also have their undeniable super-economical (idle) flagship processors, AMOLED displays that consume little power when watching videos, and other tricks.

Nevertheless, we have in the table all the juice and "high society" of the most modern smartphones, among which the majority start from 20 thousand rubles and more. And as you can see, POVA 3 does them the same way.

What do these indicators mean in practice?This is about 2 full days of use at an average load or a day without recharging if you are alone with a smartphone and, apart from games and social networks, there is nothing else to do. And if you give POVA 3 to the most undemanding users (well, let's say I would give it to my mother), the charge will last for three days. By the way, with such a battery capacity, fast charging is a must (which, by the way, does not happen in secure smartphones with huge batteries). And here it is, charging POVA 3 at a power of 25 W, despite the fact that the bundled adapter was invested as much as 33 W.



Now in the smartphone market there are two sensors withresolution of 50 megapixels, and this causes some confusion. The first is installed in inexpensive smartphones and the image quality is corresponding to the price, the second is distinguished by the presence of optical stabilization and finds a place in products from the category of older middle-class smartphones. In POVA 3, the first option, but it seemed to me that the picture quality is now noticeably better than in budget models of a couple of years ago. You can’t traditionally count on shooting at dusk and at night, but in good lighting conditions the camera produces quite acceptable results.


Add to the technical capabilities of a smartphonedirect hands of the photographer and deft processing in editors like VSCO - you get a good result to share pictures on social networks. The second and third cameras are 2 megapixel plugs, they have practically no effect on the process and quality of shooting. Well, but the back looks respectable with three equally large eyes of optics.

The front camera received a resolution of 8 megapixels.The shots lack detail and wide dynamic range (especially in difficult lighting conditions), but in general the quality will do for regular selfies or video calls.

HiOS 8.6 on Android 12

TECNO smartphone software is verydifferent from what we are usually used to. The manufacturer significantly modifies Android, both in terms of available options and some of the underlying interactions. For example, the usual curtain is divided in two here: a swipe on one side of the screen lowers notifications, on the other hand it opens access to the settings switches.


Conservative users or those who rarelychanges smartphones, at first it can be confusing and will take some getting used to. However, gradually you study all the available settings and options, look at the descriptions of their work, figure out your user scenarios - and it starts to seem that you don’t really want to return to a simpler (in terms of functionality) and boring Android. With the TECNO proprietary shell, the situation is this: if you think that you need some kind of function or setting, most likely this smartphone already has it.

As a result

This is a big smartphone.This is the longest-lasting smartphone in battery life (a couple of exceptions from super-expensive flagships do not count). And in some places it looks no worse than expensive smartphones that are equally “big-eyed” in terms of camera blocks. And, as for its 7000 mAh, it is very good in size.

The quality of the cameras - well, everything is normal, not the best,it does not differ from other mobile phones at the same price for the worse. And the situation is similar for the processor. But as an option for those who just want to buy and forget forever about the anxiety “suddenly it runs out, and I’m without a power bank ?!”, it’s impossible to even think of anything better. And he has no competitors. So take it if you like it - they don't make them anymore.