This is the "twin" of the Earth in the past: a unique planet-ocean was found not far from us

An international team of researchers has announced the discovery of a new exoplanet. TOI-1452 b revolves around one

of two small stars in a system located in the constellation Draco about 100 light-years from Earth.

The exoplanet is slightly larger in size and mass,than the Earth, and is at an optimal distance from its star. Therefore, its temperature is not too high or low for liquid water to exist on its surface. Astronomers believe that TOI-1452 b may be an "ocean planet" and completely covered in a thick layer of water. As a result, it looks like some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the Earth itself in the past.

Recall that 3 billion years ago our planet waspractically devoid of sushi. Its entire surface was covered by the ocean. The researchers came to this conclusion by analyzing samples of ancient oceanic crust. Even in the view of the artist (pictured below), TOI-1452 b resembles the Earth.

Artist's rendering of the surface of TOI-1452 b. Image Credit & Copyright: Benoit Goujon, University of Montreal

The planet was found thanks to the work of the Institute for Exoplanet Research (iREx) and the Mont Megantic Observatory. The scientists also used a special SPIR tool and an innovative analytical method.

In addition, astronomers studied space dataNASA's TESS telescope, which scans the sky in search of planetary systems close to our own. Based on the signal from the observatory, which showed a slight decrease in the brightness of the parent star TOI-1452 every 11 days, astronomers predicted the existence of a planet about 70% larger than Earth.

To date, TOI-1452 b is the only exoplanet of its kind.

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