This is what happens when you cross "Monopoly" with Pac Man

For the 40th anniversary of Pac Man released a special edition of "Monopoly" dedicated to the iconic arcade game. Not only has changed

the appearance of the game, but also the gameplay.

Classic in a new wrapper

In Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man you will play aspoints, not money, they can also be earned by playing mini games. Points are used to buy levels (or properties). Each player will have a plastic token that they can insert into the bank to check their points; buy, sell or steal levels; pay rent and play mini games.

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During the match, you will come across ghosts. Their movement is determined by the roll of the die, if the ghost caught the player - he is sent to prison. Otherwise, this edition repeats the classic Monopoly, except with a redesigned design.

You can buy Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man so far only on Amazon for $ 30.

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