This is why it is dangerous to use a free VPN: the data of users of one such service was leaked to the Network

Over the past six months, many Russian users have discovered VPN services. Many of them

(users) did not purchase a paid subscription, opting for free solutions. Discuss

As practice shows, such a choice isvery often wrong. And another confirmation of this came from China. There, local residents faced a massive data breach by Airplane Accelerates, a free VPN service.

Reported to be the cause of the leakpersonal information - the size of the database is 626 GB. It is known that in total it had more than 5.7 billion records. The data included user IDs, IP addresses, domain names, and timestamps.

Recall that earlier Cybernews experts found out that another popular platform, Bean VPN, has made publicly available a database with more than 18 GB of connection logs of its users.