This wallpaper can lock your Xiaomi phone!

Changing the background pictures on your phone's desktop is one of the most popular activities.

among a million users.Of course, the same wallpapers quickly become boring, so everyone is already accustomed to downloading beautiful pictures from the Internet and putting them on the background. But today we will inform you about one wallpaper installation that you should not download and install on your phone if you own a Xiaomi Mi 9.

Wallpaper that lock the screen

One Reddit user warnedXiaomi community about a mysterious incident that made him and some other users open their mouths after everything that happened. Everything seems to indicate that when you set certain wallpapers on the Mi 9, the screen panel stops responding immediately. Details of this case are below.

Soroush_kohan from Reddit sharedan error that he found on his Xiaomi Mi 9. He decided to warn the others so that other users would not make the same error. A simple change of wallpaper has become a serious problem for the device.

I recently changed the wallpaper on my phone, and howas soon as I did, the screen of my phone began to turn on and off for a long time. It continues to burn for 1 second, and then turns off and on for 1 second, so I can not do anything in this period. At the same time, it vibrates twice. After 5-6 times this, the loading screen appears, and it gives me 3 options: reboot: the same thing happens, erasing the data, contacting Mi Assistant. Can anyone help me with this error? I do not want to erase data from my phone.

As a result, he still had to erase all the data on his phone, since he just needed the phone.

Now about the wallpaper. Those wallpapers have nothing that could be harmful at first sight. This is a black color-edged image that he himself downloaded from Google without any problems. However, only after this wallpaper was installed on the phone, problems began to arise.

It should be noted that some courageousUsers were able to test this wallpaper in their Mi 9T Pro. And it seems like the error is repeating itself. At the moment, it is not known whether this error can be applied to all Xiaomi phones or only for some models, but everything indicates that this may be an internal MIUI problem. In any case, there is still much doubt, so you should avoid downloading this image to your smartphone.