THQ unveils Darksiders Genesis release dates in new epic trailer for War and Discord

In the Darksiders game universe, there are already games about the adventures of War, Death, and even Anger. Recently thq nordic

announced a game about Discord, the fourth rider of the apocalypse, and finally the project got a release date.

When to expect

Darksiders Genesis will be released December 5th, butOnly on PC and Google Stadia. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users will only be able to play on February 14, 2020. The system requirements can be found on the game page on Steam.

Recall that the actions of Darksiders Genesisunfold before the plot of the first game of the series. Discord and war have teamed up to track down the highest demons of Hell, who received forces from Lucifer and now want to pull the blanket of forces to their side. Gameplay Darksiders Genesis is a "diabloid" with RPG elements and a co-op for two. Gamers who will play the game alone will be able to switch between Discord and War.