Three options for Christmas gifts for slopock

I convey personal greetings to those who put off buying New Year's gifts until the very last moment. You

- those wonderful people for whom people like me compile selections of gift gadgets a few days before the New Year. Let's not let each other fall into ruin!

If you are just going shopping and breakinghead, what to choose for numerous relatives (wives, children or whoever you have there), then catch an overview of brand new smartphones from ZTE. Under a different budget, which is important. All three models appeared in Russia just recently, and there is something to pay attention to.

ZTE Blade 20 Smart - triple camera, triple bells and whistles

This is the most expensive smartphone in the collection. Well, that is, he is not expensive in relative terms, namely, in comparison with the other two models, because by itself it is good for its money and costs about 12,000 rubles.
So, this is a big device with 6.49 inchesscreen, which, for a moment, takesmore than 90% of the front panel area. Of course, you won’t surprise us with a frameless design, but it can be different. And in this model, everything is honest. Above is a traditional cutout under the camera.