Three videos of the day: not quite a flying car, dancing shadows of Dith Wiegman and 3D maze from Google

Bruce Tomb realized that in the foreseeable future flying cars are not expected and decided to create something a little

approaching it to flight. The result was something based on an excavator with a 1959 El Camino body rising to a certain height, decorated with a lot of holes and a portrait of a robot woman from the 1927 Metropolis Fritz Lang movie on the hood:

Next is the creation of Diet Wiegman, creatingsculptures from all sorts of garbage and scrap metal for almost 50 years. This is a Shadow Dancing sculpture. It is installed on a rotating pedestal, the shadow of it is constantly transformed and freezes at the moment when it acquires the shape of Michael Jackson:

The latest video is an experimental Google demo.Chrome, which turns any site into a 3D maze, and the user is invited to draw a ball from one corner of the site to another, control is possible both from the keyboard and from a smartphone with an accelerometer: