TikTok app overtook Facebook to become the world's most downloaded app

There is hardly a user who has not heard of TikTok, regardless of whether they use the application.

on your device.The short video platform continues to impress analysts with its records. For several quarters in a row, TikTok has topped the download and revenue charts on leading mobile platforms.

Today it became known about another impressiveApp success: TikTok overtook Facebook to become the most downloaded smartphone app worldwide. So, for the first time in three years, the most popular app isn't WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger or any other Facebook app.

What's even more curious is that TikTok is ahead of its competitors.competitors in almost all regions of the world, including China and the United States. Thus, the most popular short video sharing platform overtakes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, topping the list of the five most popular apps.

TikTok's popularity is also linked to socialisolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Many users use mobile apps to listen to the performances of their favorite artists, which they cannot see live. The developers at ByteDance are very actively integrating new features, which has a positive effect on TikTok's user base.

There is every reason to expect TikTok to continuetheir successful brain-thinning activities. Videos have now been extended to three minutes, giving you even more room to get creative and entertain your audience.

Source: asia.nikkei

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