TikTok explains its rejection of political advertising

Being under pressure for promoting Chinese foreign policy (content was censored in the application,

related to Hong Kong and LGBT protestscommunity), the Chinese TikTok app decided to distance itself from American social networks, completely freeing its app from advertising related to politics.

Why refused?

The company says they will not allowappear political ads that are not relevant to the application. “Any paid advertising that falls to the community’s court must fall within the standards of our platform, and political advertising, in our opinion, contradicts these standards. In this regard, we do not allow advertising that promotes or criticizes candidates, current leaders, political parties or groups, or touches on issues of federal, state or local importance, including election campaigns and legal advertising, ”says Blake Chandley, vice president of global TikTok business solutions.

Company plans

The company further claims to be famous.as a place for creative expression, creating a “positive, refreshing atmosphere” conducive to creativity. TikTok plans to direct its efforts towards creating effects and filters for the application, as well as cooperation with well-known brands.