TikTok was accused of promoting Russian videos "under the counter"

Salvatore Romano, Head of Research at Tracking Exposed, a nonprofit funded by

Mozilla, said that the social network TikTok is engaged in "shadow promotion" of Russian video content. And he added that he had never encountered this before. Discuss

After the introduction of criminal penalties for fakes anddiscrediting the Russian armed forces during the NWO, TikTok banned Russians from posting content on the platform. But in fact, the social network continues to promote Russian videos.

According to Romano, their team from April to Juneaccessed TikTok via VPN, from Russian IP addresses. They figured out how content moderation works. As a result, they reported that Russian content added before the start of the special operation continues to be “twisted”, while the state channel Sputnik News still displays videos also released before the ban, and new content appears in the recommended pages section.

According to an expert, TikTok may have allowedcertain accounts to create new videos to keep Russian users. At the same time, he stressed that some Russian entertainment accounts, such as Beautybomb.rus, Yandex.Music and Kinopoisk, were not blocked at all.