Timati released headphones Black Star. On AliExpress there are the same, but 2-3 times cheaper

Russian rapper Timati announced the release of wireless headphones with the Black Star logo, and also his own

production. But here Timur, it seems, was lying: there are plenty of the same headphones on AliExpress, and many times cheaper.


“For over a year I was looking for the perfect formula:high-quality sound, noise reduction, moisture resistance, wireless connection, durability, cool design and affordable price. I found this formula and am proud to announce the launch. This is not a collaboration with a famous brand, it is its own product. Check it out for yourself, the price-quality ratio will surprise you,” Timati assures on his Instagram.

The headphones operate on a single charge for up to 20 hours, connect to a smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0 and are sold in a black case with the Black Star inscription.

In the MTS online store, a pair of these headphones costs 6,999 rubles. The gift includes a subscription to Apple Music for six months and a CD by Yegor Creed.


But, as it turned out, the very formula about whichTimati said, he found it on AliExpress. Users found a bunch of the same headphones in Chinese stores - with the same design, characteristics, but without the Black Star inscription. But they are multi-colored and two or even three times cheaper - up to 2500 rubles. And if you order in bulk, it will probably cost just a penny.

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  • headphones for $ 28.57
  • the same headphones for $ 37.73
  • Another headphones, but with the inscription Tottiday instead of Black Star &#8211; $37.52

Most likely, Timati took an example from his"colleagues" - rapper Soulja Boy, whose store is full of the same "suspiciously similar" products. For example, the recently released “branded line of consoles”, which turned out to be cheap Anbernic emulators. And Timur himself has already had such awkward situations: back in 2017, Black Star launched a web development agency, completely copying the website of the Brazilian Super Duper Studio.