Time's Up, Epic Games: Ashen, Dark Souls-style action movie coming out on Steam

Epic Games Store continues to lose its exclusives, and after Hades Ashen moves to other trading floors.

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Inspired by the Dark Souls action series, getting readyto a full release. Initially, Ahen was released only in the Epic Games Store and the Xbox One, and now the project will reach the shelves of Steam, GOG, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch stores.

The move will happen on December 9, a year after the release of the EGS. It seems that the developers are beginning to wait for the end of exclusive contracts and run to other sites.

Recall that Ashen is an Dark RPG action RPGSouls, where dangerous opponents and abandoned cities with dungeons await gamers. The project stands out with multiplayer, in which each player can take the role of NPC, helping others with quests.