TinyArcade: slot machine in your pocket for $ 60

The days of fidget spinners are long gone, but people still want something to do with their hands. In this case, help

TinyArcade, a finger-sized slot machine, may be coming.

What is the salt?

The device is based on Arduino and processorarchitecture of ARM x86 and has only two buttons, a joystick and volume control. The game comes with several nice games (Tetris, Flappy Birds, Street Racer and Space Invader, for example), and if you wish, you can upload additional eight-bit entertainment to the MicroSD card. The device also supports video playback, but due to the size of the screen, this is a dubious pleasure.

How much is?

TinyArcade is available now for $ 59.99. It is sold in the DIY-kit format, which is easy to assemble using the instructions on the site.