Tipscope introduced an accessory for a smartphone in the form of a microscope

Now smartphones will be able to see the microworld through a real powerful microscope, capable of magnifying objects in

a thousand times.Tipscope has a compact size and is passive, meaning it does not require a battery to operate. Such a battery can be in your purse or pocket as long as you want until you need it, it will always be ready for use. The team developed the concept, worked out the details, created working prototypes, and is now raising funds to launch mass production.

Availability, price

If you buy on pre-order, that is, to participatein a crowdfunding project, a powerful microscope will cost the buyer $ 39, after dialing the required amount, the price tag for the device rises, at retail the cost of the microscope will be $ 60. With a successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign, the physical supply of the microscope to buyers will begin in early July of this year.

The developers themselves are positioning their offspring asthe most convenient and most powerful microscope for mobile devices (it can be used on the tablet). The device in seconds can turn any smartphone into a semi-professional microscope with a magnification of a thousand times. Tiny, not demanding food, as much as possible in operation a microscope offers very high-quality image in any conditions. The optical efficiency of the Tipscope is no worse than that of many commercial microscopes. Thanks to its high performance, the microscope will help you in everyday life to discover the many wonders that hid from the sight of the microscopic size. Also, the microscope will be useful to professionals, biologists, pharmacists, material scientists, who work in the field or at the sites, and there is no possibility to carry a large microscope with you.

The best device for students

One of the staff of the company Tipscopemedical profession, his specialty is optical engineering. It is with microscopes that he is engaged in their improvement, testing, analysis. For the first time the idea of ​​creating a compact microscope came to him about a dozen years ago, when it was necessary to study objects under a multi-ton cyclopical size microscope.

Also. As a student at a medical college, the developer has been on foreign trips organized by an educational institution. In many countries, especially African and in China of that time, in universities, hospitals and scientific institutions the equipment was very outdated, the limited capabilities of such equipment, in particular, microscopes, did not give the required performance. The teachers used in their lectures and lessons huge ancient almost faulty microscopes.

The level of efficiency of the Tipscope is such that the device is able to replace with itself outdated professional microscopes that weigh a ton and are about the size of a car.

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