Titanfall 2 Player Growth 750% After Big Discount and Apex Legends Drop

Titanfall 2's concurrent Steam users skyrocketed after a 75% discount.

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Titanfall 2 was recently discounted on Steam, afterwhich, according to SteamDB, the number of players grew by more than 750% and broke its record. Last summer, the maximum number of concurrent sessions was 13,603, but now 16,974 users were registered at one time.

Also, the growth in popularity can be associated withthe upcoming ninth season of Apex Legends. In one of the latest trailers, the developers showed a new character - Valkyrie, the daughter of Viper, who appeared in Titanfall 2. Like her father, Valkyrie will have the ability to fly and, judging by the video, she will use his jetpack.

Source: Gamespot

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