Titra unveils Deli kamikaze drone with 180 km/h speed and 3.1 kg payload

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The Turkish company Titra introduced the Deli loitering ammunition. It is a kamikaze drone with

fixed wing domestic production.

What is known

Deli has a modular structure, due to which itconvenient to transport. The deployment time of the kamikaze drone is less than 15 minutes. It can work in automatic mode and in manual control mode.

The maximum speed of an unmanned aerial vehicleapparatus is 180 km / h, and cruising - 80 km / h. The Deli is capable of carrying a 3.1 kg warhead. The working height of the loitering ammunition is 0.15-0.5 km, and the maximum height is 3.5 km.

It is expected that every year the Turkish company willcraft 250 kamikaze drones. Titra's CEO says one of the Deli's advantages is low production costs, but he doesn't give exact numbers.